We would like to introduce Manding Morry and emerging Afro-beat hip-hop artist from Gambia!



We would like to introduce Manding Morry and emerging Afro-beat hip-hop artist from Gambia!

Haruna Touray known widely by his stage name Manding Morry , is undoubtly one of the Gambia’s most celebrated recording Artists of all time .His unique fusion of Afro-Manding & Hip Hop has crowded him AS the Prince Of Afro-Manding within the African Diaspora.

Since the Bakau-born singer entered the music scene, he has stolen  hearts and minds in both The Gambia and abroad And launched HIS official fan base called Manding Empire.

Born in the coastal town of Bakau New Town in 1987 to a family of great traditional music heritage, Manding Morry’s talent, determination and performance ability is Second to none.

Manding Morry started HIS professional recording career with the Unique Clan with four of his mates but HIS superstar status did not come   Untill 2009, when Manding Morry alongside his clan performed at the historic Open Mic Festival in front of 10,000 wailing fans.

Manding Morry has also had songs with Unique Clan including the hit ‘Poding Poding’ and also done collabos and duets with a host of other  International Stars  both within and outside the Gambia .

The 28- year old was one of the first Gambian artists to be signed  by Gambia’s premier music label, Music-O Records in 2010 .His debut album, Kibaaroo  produced by Musico sold more than 4000 copies.

His second album called Dokowolom was Produced under the management of Joluv Arts.

Despite being also known as the sibling to his more famous brother , the established Gambian musician- Jalex, he has made his personal mark on music lovers and created his own identity as a formidable artiste. Manding Morry ‘s music is unique as he cleverly  highlights social/political/ Gender  issues in HIS music labelling him AS  the first Manding #Heforshe# Activist of HIS time .

Manding Morry is presently based in France working On his third album & has now undergone a partnership with MAMOSTV in Norway promoting  his 2016 European Tour.

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