2012 – Battle Of The Bands


This is the overall summary of the Alive Music “Battle Of The Bands 2012” and the competition results.

Heat Entries

Heat 1 – Saturday 31st March

  • Credicide (Runner Up)
  • Blue Horyzon
  • Funky Acoustica (WINNER)

Heat 2 – Saturday 28th April

  • K-Leb (Runner Up)
  • Mike Fox (WINNER)
  • Hotel Infusion (Disqualified)

Heat 3 – Saturday 26th May

  • Badland Bandits (WINNER)
  • Cataclews
  • The Bad Channels (Runner Up)

Heat 4 – Saturday 23rd June

  • The Unknown
  • Ten Zero One (WINNER)
  • Six Kinds of Wednesday (Disqualified)

Finals Heat – Saturday 28th July

  • Heat 1: Funky Acoustica
  • Heat 2: Mike Fox
  • Heat 3: Badland Bandits
  • Heat 4: Ten Zero One

WINNER: Mike Fox


CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Fox for winning the 2012 BATTLE OF THE BANDS CONTEST, fantastic night last night at Alive Music Studios, Wadebridge. Also WELL DONE to Funky Acoustica William Harrigan and Steve Brooks and Badland Bandits who played fantastic sets and entertained the audience. BIG THANKS to Daniel ‘dj-k’ Kobale and Eva Kobale for supporting the event and thanks also to the judges (Dave Maddock Brown, Cyrus Steven Kingham, Jack and Daniel Kobale) who gave up their time to support the event.

Plans are now underway for 2013 BATTLE OF THE BANDS, let Karen Flannigan know if you would like to sign up for a chance to play, network with other musicians and win fantastic prizes including opportunities through Alive Music’s Industry connections…. NOT TO BE MISSED!

If you haven’t already seen him, look out for rising talent Mike Fox. Mike will be recording an EP soon and his music will be available to listen to online.

Event Organizers & Judges

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