• Gig Mentality – it’s an odd one

    SOCIAL CONDUCT AT GIGS IS AN ODD ONE. IT’S THE CROWD THAT MAKES A CONCERT. NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE ACT, IF THE CROWD IS DEAD, THE NIGHT DIES WITH IT. Imagine being in the Maccy D’s queue and suddenly deciding to aggressively haul your entire body weight into the person […]

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  • How to Set Gain Levels For A Mixing Console

    Gain, a.k.a. Trim, is a volume control for each channel of a mixing console.  The Gain knob controls the volume being input into the channel, not the amount of volume output through the channel.  Different types of input devices, from mp3 players to guitars to vocal microphones all have different volume […]

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  • A letter to music venues…

    Dear venue owners and managers, You may have noticed a decline in attendance, lower quality of music, and generally unappreciative performers. I feel your pain and have some suggestions for you so that you get the highest quality of music, more attendance, and happiness in your life. We professional musicians–the […]

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  • MetaPop Is the Copyright Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

    As YouTube and SoundCloud continue to strive to protect rights holders and their repertoire via fingerprinting, whitelisting, etc., many independent artists will unfortunately be hit with copyright-related strikes from major record labels, publishing societies, and others that don’t see the value in monetizing a different version of their original song […]

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  • Deadline Approaching…

    This is to remind you that the entry deadline for The UK Songwriting Contest 2015 is midnight 30th September. So if you haven’t entered yet, or you want to enter more songs, don’t forget that there are now less than two weeks left to submit your songs to this year’s […]

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  • Before You Sample That Track, Please Read This…

    Wallace Collins is an entertainment and intellectual property lawyer based in New York. He has been in the business for over 30 years. Prior to this he was an Epic Records recording artist. In this post he explains the basics of sample clearance. “Sample” Clearance Issues Many clients ask about […]

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  • 10 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Be On Spotify

    10 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Be On Spotify

    [Editors Note: By Kami Knake – founder of Bands Under the Radar music podcast, blog and record label. With over 15 years experience, she currently consults for digital music start-ups and independent artists.] There’s a lot of buzz these days around music streaming subscription services and how they will impact the music […]

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  • 10 Ways for Musicians to Stay Healthy on the Road

    10 Ways for Musicians to Stay Healthy on the Road

    [Editor’s Note: For a lot of us, January is the time to get healthy. Maybe that means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, replacing soda with water, or getting in a healthier frame of mind to tackle the demands of work. We see January as a great opportunity for […]

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