Nicki Minaj: Acting is fun

Nicki-Minaj:-Acting-is-fun[break](Cover) – EN Movies – Nicki Minaj says it ‘felt fun’ working on her movie debut Ice Age: Continental Drift.[break]

[break]The 29-year-old rapper is known for her outlandish persona and her love of speaking in different voices proved useful for the role.[break]

[break]Nicki told Us Weekly that she enjoys acting and was very comfortable with voicing a role in the fourth instalment of the Ice Age franchise.[break]

[break]’It felt fun, like I was in theatre school again,’ she told the publication. ‘And I always wanted to be a cartoon; I obviously love changing my voice all the time. It came naturally.'[break]

[break]The Trinidad-born beauty added that she not only likes doing different voices in her music but when she’s off stage too.[break]

[break]’I even do it in my everyday life!’ she shared. ‘I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t switching up my voice or accent all the time. It’s just a part of me.'[break]

[break]And Nicki, who is known for her ever changing hairstyles, added that she may need to do some work on her mammoth character Steffie’s mane.[break]

[break]’Her hair is cute, but if we gave her some highlight and bangs in the next movie, she’d be way cuter,’ she laughed.[break]

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