Making it in the music business or make a living out of the music business, which is it to be?

So many people go on X-Factor, The Voice and other talent shows, I hate to hear to same old phrase “if I don’t win I will never touch music again, this is it, this is my only chance to make it in music”. Excuse me if I don’t take these kind of people seriously, but getting signed by a record label is not it! Anyone that is musically talented enough can make a living out of music, if they put enough hard work in to it…. and get yourself out there in front of people!

But these days in the social online revolution, unfortunately if you don’t have twitter, a Facebook fan page with artist profile and activity as an artist or a YouTube or soundcloud account with songs and videos with thousands of views, no record label will pay any attention to just a few mp3’s of your songs as it doesn’t matter how nice they sound, no one is offered a free lunch!

Did you know that to be eligible for the charts an original artist must sell over 4000 downloads before the official charts company will even look at your music.

Did you know that for any a record label to pay attention to your music, it needs to have thousands of views/hits on YouTube or soundcloud as public opinion in liking your music is key.

Also if you are not a gigging artist who is already out there performing or you are an online video performer on YouTube, no record company will entertain you even if your music sounds good. I think people who are serious about “making it”, deserve to know these important factors, so you should really consider the above and get yourself a YouTube account, make a Facebook fan page as an artist and start creating your online presence to gain a fan base for your music as this is also another factor that record labels consider, as I said before, no one is offered a free lunch!

Do you have a fan base and following?

You have to work for it, get noticed publicly for your music to be paid any attention to by a record label.

… and if you still think the above doesn’t apply to you, then you are not ready to devote your life to working in music, because its a job in itself, not a vacation of riches and fame! It requires devotion and hard work and it may not happen any time soon, but it could happen to you one day if you show your seriousness and work hard in your music to get yourself out there and be heard.


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