Alive Music Studios, is based on Trenant Industrial Estate, Wadebridge, Cornwall and we are one of the first in Devon and Cornwall to offer, on a full time basis, a complete package for musicians. Professional recordings under our record label ALIVE MUSIC RECORDS, band & event management, promotion, publishing, distribution, retail and mastering services, as well as rehearsal rooms. We are particularly keen to attract original singer/songwriters with original material and to promote them under our record label of ALIVE MUSIC RECORDS. Dan Kobale is the owner of Alive Music and is assisted by Adam Leslie, Craig Hardie. Eva Kobale. Dan Kobale is well known as DJ-K who was a member of a popular local Southwest band called MOJO and long time musician. Adam also has many years of band life behind him and is currently a member of the band Tankslapper. Craig otherwise known as “Spot” is a titled professional photographer, graphics designer and the lead singer of the popular band Tankslapper. Eva is a professional singer and the vocal coach and PA for the studios. The recording studios have up-to-date technology and the facilities comprise of the live room (main studio), studio 2 (the function room) and licensed bar (with SKY TV), kitchen, bathroom, disabled toilets, large storage area, office and parking facilities. For further information and press, call Alive Music on 0844-202-6000.

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