• How to Copyright Your Music

    Why independent songwriters should register the copyright for their music [This article is written by Anthony Ceseri] Please Note: This article discusses opinions on copyrighting your music and should not be considered legal advice. If you’re unsure about how the copyright laws in your country will affect you, please contact a […]

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  • What services should musicians expect to pay for on their way to a sustainable career?

    Assuming you’re a performing singer-songwriter or are in a band, you basically have one supreme goal; to make enough money with your music to support yourself or even better, to live like a rock star. The sooner you come to grips with the way things are (as opposed to the […]

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  • How not to take a DJ press shot

    How not to take a DJ press shot

    TUE 7TH MAY, 2013 BY KATIE CUNNINGHAM IN FEATURES Here at inthemix, we’ve seen our share of DJ promo shots: the good, the bad and the inexplicable. When heading off to their photo shoots, DJs are faced with some burning choices. Do I affect moodiness and risk ending up on the Depressed DJs tumblr? […]

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  • Review: Pioneer DDJ-Ergo

    Review: Pioneer DDJ-Ergo

    Pioneer’s latest controller is a departure from the strategy that they’ve adopted over the past 18 months, namely of putting big ticket prices on their first forays into controller and computer based DJ gear. The DDJ Ergo isn’t a budget priced controller, but it’s definitely in the realms of purchasing […]

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  • Review & Video : Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ Controller

    Review & Video : Pioneer DDJ-WeGO DJ Controller

    The Pioneer DDJ-WeGO is a small, entry-level DJ controller, aimed squarely at consumers and those who are wanting to learn to DJ. It comes in a number of colours, and you can even adjust the colours of the software skin and the jogwheels on the controller too! But this isn’t […]

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  • Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones Review

    Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones Review

    Overview: The Pioneer HDJ-500 Headphones are the latest headphone iteration from the Pioneer DJ product family. The Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones, released a few years ago, were one of the best set of cans any DJ could purchase. Continuing with that line of quality, craftsmanship, and audio prowess, the Pioneer DJ […]

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  • 7 Tips For Getting Featured On iTunes

    7 Tips For Getting Featured On iTunes

    Looking at the iTunes store, most artists think, “I want my album to be featured there.” Here’s some good news: all TuneCore releases can be considered for this placement. Albums spotlighted on iTunes are there based on editorial decisions made by iTunes—these are not paid placements. For example, TuneCore artist […]

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  • Monetize Your Movement

    Monetize Your Movement

    Remember, the ultimate goal is to be able to make a living by doing what you love. In order for that to happen you need to make sales. You have to earn an income. You have to be able to get people to buy into your product – whether it be […]

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