5 Ways to Use Video on Your Site to Drive More Music Sales

If you’re not using video to enhance the user experience on your site, you should be! Making, editing, and posting video is easier than ever, and you might find that fans engage with a moving image more than they do with just static blocks of text and pictures. And, best of all, you can use video to encourage people to buy your music. Here are five ways to make non-salesy vids that focus on you and your music, but also on developing those important relationships between artist and fan.

1. FAQ videos – 

Make a quick video answering some of the more “frequently asked questions” you get about you and your music. This is a great way to give people a little of your backstory, a sense of who you are, and to divulge interesting information about your music that can instantly make someone feel connected to you and want to delve deeper. Don’t forget to tell them where they can listen to/purchase your music.

2. Tell a story – 

Remember that Storytellers show from VH1 where artists tell the stories behind their songs? Maybe it’s still on; I don’t know. I don’t have cable. Anyway, doing a mini-version of that show in your studio, on your couch, or somewhere completely unique is another great way to connect with potential fans and foster a bond. Tell the story behind one of your songs, play it, and tell folks where they can pick up the track.

3. Show off your CD/vinyl/physical product – 

Have you ever watched those “unboxing” videos on YouTube where people show themselves opening a product they just purchased? Do one of those with your music, merch, or anything tangible you’re offering. Show people what the CD packaging looks like, and what they can expect to receive from you when they order.

4. Vlogging – 

I’d call “vlogging” an outdated term, but I’m not sure it ever even caught on in the first place. But you get the idea: video blogs. Tell people what you’ve been up to, tease a new song, or just shoot the breeze. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel, and if you stay consistent with it, people will look forward to your updates. You could even feature the newest one at the top of your site each week. Include links to your music at the end of each video, without pushing it too hard. Savvy web vid viewers can sense desperation.

5. Make a music video – 

It’s funny how when we hear the term “music video,” our minds (or at least mine) go directly to the 80′s hair-band version of MTV, with sprawling sets and an actual production budget. It ain’t like that anymore. In fact, music videos can hardly be placed under any sort of umbrella in this day and age, and that’s great news for any artist. You can make one virtually for free, and your options are limitless. Make one, make another, and add them all to the “video” section of your site, along with links to purchase the featured tracks.

Did we forget anything? Let us know what you’ve done with video on your site that’s worked for you!

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