5 Artist Tips to Keep You Organized Going Into Your Week

So it’s Sunday, the day of rest. I like to take Sundays to reflect on my current situation and organize and put the next week into perspective, so I decided to give you guys a few small tips to keep you organized on your way to success:

Some organizational tips:

  • Email Contacts: I learned this the hard way. It can be a huge pain in the butt to have to search through a million contacts to find the one you’re looking for so it’s best to keep them organized. Go through your contacts list and organize them into categories that fit your agenda, for instance: music blogs, A&Rs/execs, event promoters, DJs, etc. This will definitely help keep you organized when sending out music, booking shows, releasing singles etc.
  • Mailing list: If you do not have a mailing list I suggest you create one to keep fans/supporters up to date on everything YOU. You can easily create a mailing list using google groups (just search google groups and they will walk you through it). Whether you are unsure of what your single should be and you want your fans to participate in the decision making process or if you have a performance coming up and you want to make it known, your mailing list is a great way to spread info about you. Always keep it organized and up to date. Keep everyone in the loop!
  • Organizing Your Music: You need to keep the music on your computer organized. There are many ways to do this and one of my favorites has to be by using iTunes. Create lists of “singles” “need to write to” “album tracks” “currently focused on” “show tracks” etc. This way you have all of your music at your fingertips and you will have a clear perspective on what you should focus on next.
  • Twitter Lists: I believe I mentioned this in a previous blog, but I just wanted to point it out again. Twitter is an amazing networking tool if utilized properly. For those of you who have a bunch of followers on Twitter, you might want to create lists to keep them organized. You can make the lists similar to those that you used to organize your email contacts (separate followers into A&Rs, music blogs, DJs etc). You can even make your lists private if you want.
  • Planner: I hope you guys already utilize some sort of planner or ‘little black book’ to keep all of your meetings, performances, etc scheduled. At first this might not seem necessary, but as you move further along in your career and your schedule picks up a bit, you definitely want to have something to refer to throughout your daily routine. You never want to take the chance of forgetting a meeting, performance, studio session etc.

So there you have it, a few simple tips to keep you nice and organized. You don’t want to make anything harder on yourself, so by taking the time out to stay organized, you can now spend the rest of your time being focused on more important things like creating some dope quality music for your fans!

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