Justin Bieber car ‘mistaken for spaceship’

Justin-Bieber-car-mistaken-for-spaceship[break]Justin Bieber’s metallic sports car has been mistaken for ‘a spaceship’.[break]

[break]The singer sparked numerous 911 calls when he was driving down the 101 Freeway outside Los Angeles in his silver mirror effect Fisker last week.[break]

[break]The Boyfriend star was reportedly speeding because he was being followed by paparazzi and caused seven individuals to phone the emergency services because the driving style was considered unsafe.[break]

[break]’Justin Bieber would be shocked… SHOCKED… to know not a single person who called 911 – and there were 7 – as he roared down the 101 Freeway last Friday could ID the kind of car he was driving … and one caller went out on a limb and described it as a ‘spaceship’!’ TMZ reports. ‘We’ve now obtained recordings of all 7 911 calls. Descriptions of Bieber’s ride included: ‘aluminium car’, ‘chrome Audi’, ‘stainless steel Ferrari’ and ‘a spaceship’.'[break]

[break]According to the site, Justin was pulled over by police for travelling at 80 miles per hour.[break]

[break]He then phoned 911 himself to report he was being followed by photographers.[break]

[break]”I have like five cars following me,’ he was quoted as saying by TMZ. “They are driving really reckless.”[break]

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