Cheryl Cole’s costly concerts

Cheryl Cole’s spectacular ‘A Million Lights’ tour will cost £2 million to insure, because of the dangerous stunts she is planning to perform.

Cheryl Cole’s tour will cost £2 million to insure.The ‘Under The Sun’ singer wants to put on a spectacular show for audiences who come to her ‘A Million Lights’ tour, but some of the stunts mean it will cost a huge amount to insure.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ”Cheryl wants to put on a real Cirque du Soleil-style show and blow away her audience.

”She’s exchanged ideas with choregraphers and is keen to push herself to the limit.

”Trouble is, that comes at a cost. The more dangerous the stunts, the more she will need to pay in insurance.

”If she gets injured the whole tour is put in jeopardy.”

The show is expected to see the singer fly on zipwires through the air and act out fight scenes during her performances.

Earlier this year Cheryl gave an idea of what fans can expect when she swan-dived into her dancers during her performance of single ‘Call My Name’ on BBC One’s ‘The Voice’.

The ‘A Million Lights’ tour kicks off on Wednesday (03.10.12) at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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