K-Leb (Singer/Songwriter)

The Legend Returns

Birmingham musician is set to break back on to the music scene 25 years after missing out on stardom.

Rainbow Rocker, whose musical message is peace and harmony, was part of legendary Birmingham reggae group The Black Knights who transfixed concert goers in the late 1970,s and early 1980’s. The band missed out on a lucrative Battle of the Bands contract after refusing to give 70 per cent of their earnings to a record company in 1981. But Reggae aficionados everywhere recognise the importance the group had on Birmingham reggae and blazed the trail that UB40 took to worldwide stardom.

Rainbow Rocker, a founding member of the Black Knights, went on to worldwide acclaim touring with fellow Brummie Nigel Kennedy across the globe. The Rainbow Rocker, real name Kaleb, said: “2009 is the year for revivals and groups getting together so we thought we would raise the spirit of The Black Knights and instead of plodding along with our old songs give our music and act a modern twist.

“The world has changed since 1981 and Rainbow Rocker is set to show how this gifted group of musicians led by myself.”

Rainbow Rocker to Tear Up Malvern

Birmingham’s Rainbow Rocker is set to play an unforgettable set at the Malvern Music Festival. The band fused Reggae, Rock, Soul and a whole host of other genres to produce music for the 21st Century. Rainbow Rocker said: “I can not wait to play the Malvern Music Festival as I live in Malvern myself and I know it will be home from home on the stage.”

“Since Rainbow Rocker launched we have had nothing but great vibes off everybody and hopefully I will put a smile on everyone’s face.”

Rainbow Rocker Releases Long Awaited EP

Birmingham’s Rainbow Rocker has released his long awaited EP to international acclaim. Now available on iTunes and Amazon:http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/k-leb-ep/id502102494

The EP has caused a stir in the music world for fusing together different types of music genres and ethnic sounds. The EP is being hailed as a tool against racism thanks to its message of peace and harmony. International music sensation Nigel Kennedy has backed the EP and forecast success.

Acclaimed artist Nigel Kennedy said: “I was lucky enough to have the Rainbow Rocker on stage with me for countless performances across the world and I think this new album could mean that I end up supporting him!”

Style of music played

Pop, Reggae, Soul


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