CoolFX (DJ/Producer)

I first got into the dance music in 1992 listening tapes by the likes of DJ SY, Scorpio, Producer after sees a group of my friends passing around some flyers and being curious what it was all about.

I went to my first rave at at the Shire horse St.Ives in 1994 where I fell further in love with the rave scene.

In 1996 I picked up my first deck some super funky sound lab DPL2 belt drives and started getting into play Hardcore Techno.

After a few years I switched to a pair of Technic1210s and started playing some EDM style power trance for a brief period before switching to bounce / hard house and trance with a good friend Jay B. Whilst getting a few regular gigs at what was the local town night club.

Then in 2008 after a 6 year break I hear some on the newer style UK Hardcore and found my new passion! After the long break  needed to polish up my scratching with 2-3 hours a day practice.

In 2009 Flakee suggest doing an engineering session with Jamie Ritmen. By the end of the day we had came up with the tune Number One and I now knew what I wanted to do with my life!

Flakee and I then secured a residency at a local Hardcore event called Equilibrium. In June 2010 I set-up a local hard dance event called Phased 4 which included playing along side many big name as well as collaborating with Hardcore Underground, Twisted Passion / Free Formation.

After some studio time later that year with Fracus and Darwin. I finally found my style of hardcore that I wanted.

Since then I’ve been reading lots of books, learning new techniques and working hard to polish my engineering skills and build a style of hardcore to get my own sound that’s typically high energy, funky and out of the box coupled with lots of scratching.

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