Truro drummer’s kit found smashed at bottom of Portreath cliffs

A Truro musician whose drums went missing from a garage is devastated after parts of his kit were found smashed at the bottom of cliffs in Portreath.

Darren Curgenven, the former drummer with Random Acts of Panic, had been storing his treasured Yamaha beech kit at a band mate’s garage in Beacon.

It went missing sometime between September 6 and 11 and Mr Curgenven had even offered £100 for its return.

Parts of the bass drum were found by a fellow musician washed up on the beach at Portreath near Gull Road at the weekend.

Mr Curgenven said metal detectorists were scouring the beach in the hope of salvaging other parts of his kit that was worth £2000 and included a unique snare drum made by made by Chris Newell.

In response to the find local musicians, led by Pip Harbon, have donated funds to an appeal set up on Facebook on Monday (SEP 22) in the hope of replacing Mr Curgenven’s kit.

In just two days around £400 had been donated with many fellow musicians eager to help.

The site had attracted more than 1000 likes with 4216 sharing the information via Facebook.

Andy Macdonald wrote on the site that he would auction his amp for the appeal, while others offered cash and some said they would like to donate their own drums.

Kurt Johnson also said on Facebook: “No drummer should be without drums. I had something small stolen a few years back…My kit isn’t being used. Someone has offered to buy it, but I’d feel better doing this, than lining my own pocket.”

Mr Curgenven said it was a generous offer, adding on the site: “I want to work towards a custom kit but will use this while it’s being made and when that time comes I’ll gladly return it.”

Police investigations are on-going into the disappearance of the drums. Anyone with information can call police on 101 quoting crime ref: AC133738

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