The Killers wish Elvis could advise them

The Killers wish rock ‘n’ roll singer Elvis Presley was still alive so he could offer them career advice.

The Killers wish Elvis Presley was still alive to offer them career advice.
The ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ group worked long and hard to complete their new album, ‘Battle Born’, and drummer Ronnie Vannucci said if there was anyone he’d like to turn to for advice, it would be Elvis, known as ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’.

He told music streaming service ”We don’t get much advice! We should actually ask more questions ourselves.

”I’d have liked some advice from Elvis. We all need someone older and wiser around.

Meanwhile singer Brandon Flowers – who completes the band with guitarist Dave Keuning and bass player Mark Stoermer – said they tried to include more ballads on their fourth album, so that their live show could be more of a ”journey”.

Speaking of new track ‘Be Still’, he said: ”We wanted to write ballads. I love our shows, but Killers gigs are like an assault for an hour and a half every night and it would be nice to go on more of a journey. We wrote the lyrics with [producer Daniel] Lanois at his crazy Gothic mansion in Silverlake.

”He’s like a spiritual gypsy – it’s fun to sink in with him and let it all happen. I love the feel of it.”

‘Battle Born’ is released on September 18. To read the full interview and listen to The Killers on Spotify for free, go to

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