The biggest mistake you didn’t know you made‏

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There is a serious problem hurting serious artists that you need to avoid. It’s the biggest mistake you didn’t know you made. Here are several negative outcomes if you don’t take action now to resolve this problem.

This problem:

  • Takes away from everything you work for
  • Hurts you and your music career
  • Jeopardizes your future income as an artist
  • Is happening in front of your eyes and you don’t even realize it

The problem is artists do not own their names. In the Social Media world it’s important to be consistent with your name and branding. When you don’t own it you can’t control it. We have seen it all from haters taking clients names on the internet to labels mad at musicians and hold their names hostage. To solve this problem we reserve the most important social and music websites any musician would need to secure their brand online.

Protecting your brand name is often overlooked – until the time comes when you need to register your domain name for yourself or you try to sign up for a social networking site and you realize that you’re name is already taken. This is a situation that happens more often than not, and artists like yourself are now forced to either find a new name or somehow contact those people who have already stolen your name.

Fact is it’s almost impossible to get your brand name or username back once it’s been taken. And once your name has been taken, your artist brand is now in the hands of someone else. This means that if someone looks you up on twitter and they end up following an account that has your brand name, they might get the wrong impression of you.

By securing your brand with a protection plan, you are not only protecting your brand name from being taken on the major social media sites, but you are also securing your brand all across the board on sites that you may not have heard of just yet. Unless you’ve got an internet marketing staff working with you, you may not think you can keep up to date on all the sites, and that’s where we come in.

Visit: // For details & to protect your brand and prevent the biggest mistake you could make!

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