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  • How to Monetize Your Music with

    How to Monetize Your Music with

    If you are an artist affected by the decimated live scene, you’ve probably realized how important it is to monetize your music online. In-person performances will most likely revive, but by all accounts, ‘normal’ won’t be back any time soon. Getting set up now would be a smart approach as […]

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  • The Key to Finding Your Audience

    New York Magazine’s music editor Sam Hockley-Smith on how to figure out who your audience is and keep them coming back for more. Nearly the entire catalog of recorded music is at our fingertips which means we’re faced with an inundation of choices every time we scroll through Spotify looking […]

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  • Creating a Perfect Soundtrack: Here’s What Music Supervisors Are Looking For

    Getting your songs placed comes down to writing the right song and getting it to the right ears, but it’s also absolutely crucial to have your business in order so you don’t miss any opportunities. The most compelling moments in your favorite Netflix series are created through a marriage of […]

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  • Why is it so hard these days to get signed by major record labels?

    Why is it so hard these days to get signed by major record labels?

    PR presents five rules every unsigned artist should follow.[break] 5) DON’T CONCENTRATE ON GETTING SIGNED[break]Our first bit of advice comes at the bottom of our list, but it’s still massively important for any aspiring artist. Don’t get us wrong, having a major record label, publishing company or management agency behind […]

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  • Record will help launch charity

    Record will help launch charity

    A GROUP of children from Wadebridge have recorded a new single hoping to raise money to support disabled parents.[break] [break]Family Ways is a band made up of the children of Mary Jane and John Peterson who are hoping to raise money to register their organisation – Family History Research For You Disabled […]

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