Rumours quashed about Alive Music Studios

CONCERNS that Wadebridge could soon be getting its first nightclub have been quashed.[break]

Rumours have been rife that Alive Music Studios on Trenant Industrial Estate was going to extend its licence to become a club.[break]

However, the studio’s owners say it is untrue.[break]

Manager and owner Dan Kobale, aka DJ-K, said: “We have no plans to turn into a nightclub and it has been really frustrating listening to all the gossip. First and foremost we are a recording studio which also provides music and singing lessons as well as rehearsal space.[break]

“Yes we do have a small bar but we only have the same licence as other premises in town. We are providing a place were musicians can get together, share ideas and have a drink.[break]

“We do hold DJ nights and play music but it’s to help create the atmosphere and is nothing like a nightclub. We have recently joined the town’s Pubwatch scheme and we have great relationships with the other venues in town because we have been involved in many music events including Battle of The Bands and open mic nights.[break]

“The rumours have arisen from the public and we want to reassure them that we are just a bunch of musicians wishing to share our passion with others.”[break]

Alive Music Studios opened in July and has already had bands including Kernuyck and Beryllium recording tracks.[break]

Now the team, which also includes Adam Leslie, Paul McNulty and Craig ‘Spot’ Hardy, is looking at expanding its facilities.[break]

They are currently building an extension which will include a second recording studio and a multi-function lounge.[break]

Spot said: “This space can be used for children’s parties and business conferences in the day and at night can be used for dancing and adult parties. Because we are so small it gives people the opportunity to enjoy a more intimate venue with their friends. We also have televisions and Wi-Fi connection to cater for most people’s needs.”[break]

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the Alive Music team on 0844-202-6000.

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