Recording deal for local Bodmin musician

A WADEBRIDGE music studio says it is confident that it is about to launch the UK’s next big star.[break]

Alive Music Studios has signed Oscar Rodriguez, aka OD, who lives in Bodmin. The 29-year-old is a hip hop, rap and grime artist and his latest video is about to be released on TV channel AKA.[break]

Born in Luanda, Angola, OD moved to London in 1994 where he discovered his love for music and became a rapper.[break]

He also was associated with chart-topping So Solid Crew.[break]

In 2008, OD, a father of five, decided to move to Cornwall to start a new life. He set up a promotions company called Nu leaf Promotionz Ltd.[break]

Earlier this year Oscar approached the studios to record a demo CD of his songs and walked out with a record publishing deal under the Alive Music Records label.[break]

Dan Kobale, manager and owner of the studios, said: “I am very pleased with Oscar Rodriguez, aka OD. He is a family man and talented artist. We are working hard to make his music heard by all, investing time and money in promoting him.[break]

“Oscar is not just a friend, but a great artist and the Alive Music team is proud to have him on the record label. He has brought a breath of fresh music to the label. His music is original, meaningful and with reason.”[break]

“In particular a song called Real Money, which talks about leaving the streets and dirty money, instead working hard to make real money, clean money, rather than trying to make money from selling drugs and other bad things.”[break]

“He is an example to the young and old and wants to make a difference and reach people through his music.”[break]

OD’s new song, My Town, is available for download as a single or ringtone on iTunes and the video will soon be released on Channel AKA.[break]

Mr Kobale said: “He is currently working on old and new songs to be released over the coming months, including a remix of a song called “Tweet Back” from Wiley Artist.”[break]

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