Pro Tip: Emergency INT Mode

If you have been using vinyl and Serato for a while, there is no doubt you have experienced the dreaded drunk guy bump or the much feared dusty needle which has resulted in the digital version of the Record Skip. This terrible moment at the most awful of times really makes your heart drop as low as the pitch range on the INT fader.

The good news is, there is a quick fix and its been in the software for ages! Surprisingly its one of the lesser known features in both Scratch Live or Serato DJ.

If you find your self playing and for whatever reason you lose tracking on your control Vinyl to your Mixer, controller, or SL box, then you can get back to 0% pitch and playing whatever your loaded track is by simply pressing – Command + click on INT mode

This is the life saver. The most important thing to remember at those moments of impending shame. Once you have memorized this magical combination you’ll never have to fear the dust bunny of doom or Drunken Mcdrunkerson again.

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