Need an awesome electronic drum kit, the Yamaha DTX 900K is your best choice!

This is the best electronic drum kit in the world, much better than Roland and accompanied with a good PA system sounds like a real acoustic kit ….

Yamaha DTX 900K featuring Singaporean drummer, Er Chow Kiat

Yamaha Singapore:
Yamaha DTX Drums:

Produced by: Er Chow Kiat
Directed, mixed and edited by: Charles Chow and Kyhl Nuar from Kaveman Productions (
Drum techs: Nicholas Ho and Nigel Gan from Drums Resources (
Make up by: Cindy Yeo (
Outfit courtesy by: NUMA (

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Er Chow Kiat proudly endorses:
Yamaha Drums (
Heartbeat Drumsticks (
Newfolder Case (

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