MARCH 2014 – Official Closure of the Alive Music Studios Complex

alive music studio bar(Wadebridge, Cornwall) March 2014

Dear All

We would like to just update you all about the alive music studios complex, which was setup and located on Unit 6-7, 1 Bess Park Road, Trenant Industrial Estate, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 6HB.

You may or may not be aware that due to financial issues and lack of public funding, we had to close down the main Alive Music Studios Complex which saddend us! It was a good thing which so many loved and relied upon for one reason or another. (here is a link to a memorable place) It was a real heartache to see everything we had built up having to be sold off, but a lot of what was sold all went to good homes, and a lot of the things sold went to the people who used the studios.

We struggled to keep it going self-funded for 7 years, with a licensed bar and club, rehearsal rooms, recording facility and music shop. It had run its course and changed many peoples lives and we are proud to know you all and to have done a great thing for the community.

I would like to thank personally Adam Leslie, Craig Hardie, Eva Kobale, Paul McNulty, David Rotheram and all the bar staff and door security personel for all their support and hard work in creating such a great place to hang out, create and play music or party with us on event nights. I wouldn’t change a thing and maybe one day we can do it all over again, this time bigger and better, in a more suitable location, not so out of the way!

Adam Leslie has bought the Alive Music Direct music shop and has renamed it “44 Music” and you can visit the website at The music shop is still located in the same place next door to Box 2 Beat boxing club on Trenant Industrial Estate, Wadebridge. All of you know well where it is, so make sure you pop in to see Adam as its a great music shop and its open weekdays from 9am-5pm.

On the upside Alive Music is back doing what we have always done best, even before we setup the Alive Music Studios Complex. We have a private recording studios, which we take appointments for and we provide PA system hire and events management, we also continue to involve ourselves in local music scene, running, managing and supporting local southwest music events. So give us a call anytime on T. 08442026000 for details and pricing.

Kind Regards

D Kobale

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