Learn: Smart Crates

To get back to basics, Smart Crates are crates which update their contents using rules based on your track tags. In this article we’re going to show you a few cool ways you can use Smart Crates in Serato DJ to manage your music.

To create a smart crate, click the Add Smart Crate button in the left hand side of the main screen.

A popup window will open which allows you to add the rules to fill your smart crate. Click Add Rule to add a rule for the smart crate to match with.

For each rule you can choose a field to match on from the drop down menu.

Smart Crate Ideas

Using the Comment section as a rule for your smart crates is one of the best ways to get creative when organising your music. The comment tag allows you to apply a customisable tag to the track/file in Serato DJ. I’ve entered the words ‘Heavy Hitter’ in the comment section for this track:

Arranging by BPM with smart crates is great quick and easy way to clean up organise your library. A great thing to note is that you can use the smart crate rules to arrange and apply a BPM range it so that the crate will draw and contain tracks your specified.

Below I have applied rules so that this crate will contain tracks with a BPM of 102-105:

Arranging by Key for harmonic mixing via a third party software such as Mixed in Key is a great way for you to organise your library to suit this style of DJing. For an insightful walk through on this, click here.

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