Jingo – “A.D.D.” (audio) (Premiere)

The up-and-coming British outfit Jingo tackles the overmedicalization of mental disorders in their powerful new tune “A.D.D.”
The East London group Jingo may be relatively new entries into their local music scene, but they’re already making a considerable splash. Both Amazing Radio and BBC London have given them the tip of the cap. When added to live showings including a successful night at the London DIY open mic night Cable Street Electric and a gig opening for Graham Coxon (Blur), these young rockers have already started paving a solid path for their musical career.

“A.D.D.”, a tune from Jingo’s forthcoming EP, captures the energy they bring to their music. With musical elements that bring to mind mid-‘90s Radiohead, the band tackles an issue that is of no small matter, delivering angst-driven lyrics such as “Your love / is my suicide.”

The band tells PopMatters about the lyrics to the tune, “This is the first song taken from our upcoming EP… [it’s] our interpretation of how we believe certain places in the world disguise their misunderstandings of mental ‘disorders’ by haphazardly medicating their children with mind-altering drugs. It can often cause psychosis at an early age and sometimes even lead to suicide later in life. This is a very serious issue that we wanted to address but its not always doom and gloom in the Jingo camp, we promise.”

Upcoming Jingo tour dates:

30 April—Le Kalif (Rouen, France)
1 May—L’Atelier (Caen, France)
2 May—Le 114 (Paris, France)
11 June—Old St. Pancras Church (London)

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