Get a professional demo EP recording from Alive Music Studios!

Here are Alive Music Studios we do everything in-house. Yes, you heard right… we do everything in-house! All our team are experienced, professional musicians so we truly understand your needs and how stressful but fun, recording can be. We provide a comfortable, caring and relaxed atmosphere, as we want you to enjoy every minute of your time with Alive Music. We care about your recordings and it does not matter how long it takes to complete as we like the job done properly. Here at Alive Music all the Mixing, Mastering and Final Production is completed by our own Producers, so all your works get the personal touch. Once all is complete, we invite you to come along listen to your final mixes and discuss them, and if something needs changing or you want some element altered then we always glad to work with you to create that perfect final mix with which we are both happy.[break]

Take a look at the two great value packages we provide to our clients. We like the keep it simple method, no fuss and no confusion. You tell us what you want and we do the rest.[break]

[break]DEMO EP / £360.00 Incl. VAT

  • 3-5 Days Recording
  • Record up to 5 tracks (for less than 5 tracks please call for a quote)
  • Live Instruments, Backing Tracks and Vocals
  • Quality Mixing and Production **
  • Finished CD, Design, Artwork and Photos **

[break]PRO EP/ALBUM / £120.00 Per Track Incl. VAT

  • 3-5 Days Tracking and Recording
  • You choose how many songs you want to record (Unlimited Tracks)
  • Live Instruments, Backing Tracks and Vocals
  • Advanced Production, Mixing and Mastering of your tracks to a Commercial Standard TV/Radio Broadcast Ready.**
  • Finished CD, with Design and Artwork **
  • Personal Photo Shoot
  • Release on the Alive Music Prestige Soundcloud account for all the World to see!
[break]** Alive Music retains copyrights to all sound recordings produced at Alive Music Studios. Alive Music retains all copyrights to all media such as artwork, graphics and photography produced by Alive Music. If you wish to purchase the licence rights to these then please contact a member of the the Alive Music team to discuss pricing![break]

Why not pop along to Alive Music for a visit and one of our friendly members of the team will be glad to show you around the studios or if you would like to speak to someone please call us on 0844-202-6000[break]

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