Deejays and musicians promote your gigs no matter what no excuses…

Something very important that we at @AliveMusicUK studios keep telling the DJs and musicians is that what ever gig or event your are playing YOU MUST be adding an event listing to your Facebook profile or fan page letting your followers/fans know when and where you will be playing. In the eyes of @AliveMusicUK Studios and professional promoters if you are not see to be advertising your gigs and events you have been booked for, then most likely they will not book you ever again! I cannot stress how important this is and it is a MUST DO no excuses, if you take you deejaying and music seriously!

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You cannot just get booked turn up play get your money and go! It does not work like that and so many bands and DJs do it all the time. Take it seriously make sure you promote all gigs and events you have been booked to play! @looemusicfest @alivemusicuk

Dan Kobale @TheDanielKobale

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