Biffy Clyro cover Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ at secret London show

Biffy Clyro covered Rage Against The Machine‘s ‘Killing In The Name’ during a surprise show at London’s Tate Modern gallery last night (June 12).

The band gave the three-song freebie gig in support of Agit8, an “urgent call to action against extreme poverty” launched by Bono‘s One Campaign in advance of the G8 Summit in Belfast, Northern Ireland next week. After kicking off with ‘Killing In The Name’, the band performed ‘Biblical’ from this year’s ‘Opposites’ album and recent B-side ‘The Rain’.

Before taking to the stage, the band told NME.COM why they chose to cover ‘Killing In The Name’. “Our favourite protest song is by Rage And The Machine and it’s called ‘Killing In The Name’,” frontman Simon Neil said. “There’s a lot of amazing protest songs out there, there’s some really bad ones also, but that’s one we feel comfortable doing. We’re going to put a Biffy stamp on it.” See above to watch the band chatting about the surprise show and their involvement with Agit8.

The band also predicted that music fans will be hearing lots more protest songs in the near future. “There should be more protest songs. Young bands coming up now, they have plenty to be angry about. The range of opportunities for the youth of Britian is getting more limited, so I think there’s going to be a spate of protest songs over the next few years,” Neil explained.

Biffy Clyro will now return to the European festival circuit where they have shows lined up all summer. They’re due back in the UK for sets at Reading and Leeds Festivals on August 23 and August 25 respectively.

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