Battle Of The Bands 2012 “Final” showdown for cash prize and recording package!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS 2012 // FINAL HEAT @ ALIVE MUSIC STUDIOS, WADBRIDGEAlive Music Studios (Wadebridge, Cornwall) Well the time has come! Yes, its the final of the Alive Music – Battle Of The Bands 2012. We are proud to announce the finalists which are as follows:[break]

  • Heat 1: Funky Acoustica
  • Heat 2: Mike Fox
  • Heat 3: Badland Bandits
  • Heat 4: Ten Zero One

[break]These above 4 bands/acts will play for a chance to win the favour and impress the battle of the bands judges! There is a cash prize, plus the winner gets to spend a week recording a pro EP with Alive Music Studios.[break]

[break]For all those who have missed this years amazing experience of the Alive Music Battle Of The Bands, here is a run down of the 4 heats, the runners up and the winners.[break]

[break]- Heat 1 – Saturday 31st March[break]
– Credicide (Runner Up) // Blue Horyzon // Funky Acoustica (WINNER)[break]

[break]- Heat 2 – Saturday 28th April[break]
– K-Leb (Runner Up) // Mike Fox (WINNER) // Hotel Infusion (Disqualified)[break]

[break]- Heat 3 – Saturday 26th May[break]
Badland Bandits (WINNER) // Cataclews // The Bad Channels (Runner Up)[break]

[break]- Heat 4 – Saturday 23rd June[break]
– The Unknown // Ten Zero One (WINNER) // Six Kinds of Wednesday (Disqualified)[break]

[break]We would like to thank all the bands and acts as whole, which have taken part and would hope that you will enter for a chance to play on the 2013 Battle Of The Bands competition.[break]

[break]We would like to give special thanks to Karen Flannigan organizer, and to the judges “Tom New”, “Steven (Cyrus) Kingham”, “Paul Berrington” and “Dave Brown”.[break]

[break]Make sure you don’t miss the Battle Of The Bands 2012 final, this Saturday night (28th, July) from 9pm held at the Alive Music Studios, 1 Bess Park Road, Trenant Industrial Estate, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 6HB. PUBLIC EVENT, EVERYBODY WELCOME!![break]

[break]Watch out for the Battle Of The Bands 2013 coming soon! The competition entries open in September, so make sure you register on the to keep updated.[break]

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