Mike Fox (Singer/Songwriter)

Michael was always the lad who would sing to entertain , teachers/ dinner ladies/ cleaners, parents and friends from an early age. Now as an adult he has been branded as ” The Bloke who never stops singing” by all who know him.

Singing, always a part of his happy character, brings a smile to everyone who hears the power and clarity of his voice and the words of his songs relate to a wide audience.

Working full time has kept his musical talent to a non serious pastime for many years, only during 2012 has Michael begun to gain confidence and attend weekly shows in pub and club venues where he wows the crowds with his covers of popular songs and his own unique style of songwriting and performance.

Often the winner of prizes for songwriting on American brand promotional sites, Tc Helicon ( TC Electronics ) being one of them Michael has the ability to blend story telling and acoustic rhythm guitar into great songs that span many genre’s

Michael entered the Alive music studios 2012 battle of the bands where he won his heat and the final to win the competition, the prize being a pro EP recording which will no doubt be a great advert and aid to promote his sound and bring his music to a wider audience.

Now gaining popularity in his home town of Newquay, Michael will often be the first up to warm up many of the local Open mic nights in the area and is able to entertain large venues with his own solo sets on Saturday night prime time spots where he is asked to come back again and again.

Style of music played

Pop, Acoustic

Booking Information

To book MIKE FOX for your party or music event, please call Alive Music Studios on 0844-202-6000 or email us. Booking fee plus travel are required for all bookings. Terms and conditions apply on all bookings.

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