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DJ MC DelgadoDarren Delgado – A.K.A DJ/MC Delgado

How it all started.

DJ/MC Delgado is the name, it’s been along journey but my dedication and love for music has kept me going.

At the age of 19 it all started in the way any one would start a new interest which unknown to me at the time would become my passion.

From my early teens my favorite venues were Tall Trees, Dance Academy and Monastery where the music inspired me even more to become a DJ. By this time it became addictive and was the one and only thing I really enjoyed doing and knew it wasn’t just an interest but a big part of my life.

I started to DJ at my mates house on his turn tables 10 years ago just for fun, I really enjoyed mixing up the beats so I decided to invest in a pair of Technics 1210’s. Back in the day I loved the buzz of going to the record stores to purchase my hard house vinyl’s.

As time went  on I went out to bigger raves such as West Fest and found myself in the hardcore arena, this is where the hardcore began for me.I was inspired by DJ SY and DJ Dougal as their set stood out more to me which changed my direction in music. I then brought my first set of hardcore vinyl’s.I continued to play in my bedroom, I couldn’t get enough of the hardcore vibe. As I progressed and got better a friend from Newbury asked if I could do a hard house set at  the Bang Bar in Basingstoke so I took the opportunity to play out in public. I practiced the hard house set which wasn’t my ideal genre at the time. This event took place on 13th February 2009, I was only meant to play for an hour but was asked to continue to play for 3 hours.

After this I went straight back to playing hardcore, I had another public set at Plymouth C103 followed by local party’s. I realized at this stage that cds were the way to go forward so I went out and brought my first pair of CDJ’s.

My passion continued in between working full time as a lorry driver. I was introduced to the Alive Music Studios in Wadebridge where I continue to play on CD’s. For the last 2 years I have been MCing and really enjoy it. I love how MC’s connect with the ravers and hype the crowd, when I first started to MC I free styled just to see what I came up with, as time went by I started to write bars to mixed CD’s. I entered a competition for HTID Weekender in Newquay but didn’t make the final but had a big up on the Ravin’ Eye face book page which gave me a big boost. To this day I continue to play and MC as much as possible, it’s my love and passion and would make it my full time work if only I could.

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To book DJ Delgado MC for your party or music event, please call Alive Music Studios on 0844-202-6000 or email us. Booking fee plus travel are required for all bookings. Terms and conditions apply on all bookings.

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