Are Beyonce and Kim Kardashian Friends

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Beyoncé and Jay Z may be BFFs with Kanye but, if Kim thinks that means she’s going to become besties with Beyoncé too, she’ll be very disappointed!

Hold the reality cameras- Beyoncé is not going to be part of any Kardashian reality show!

A recent report in Heat magazine claimed that Beyoncé “wasted no time in banning Kim from being invited into their inner circle, which is exclusive to say the least,” sniffed a friend of Beyoncé’s.

“Beyoncé is used to hanging out with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow– she’s in a totally different league,” The source told the magazine.

Whoa! That’s harsh Beyoncé, but a source confirms to now, that it’s in fact, true!

“Beyoncé doesn’t want the kind of celebrity that Kim Kardashian has nailed down as her own thing,” The source tells exclusively. “Beyoncé doesn’t want to bring that reality show infamy and drama into a personal life that Beyoncé has tried to keep close to her.”

“The Beyoncé the world knows and the Beyoncé/Jay-Z that her close friends know are completely different and she wants to keep it that way,” our source explains.

And in fact, you only have to look at Beyoncé and Kim’s extremely different approaches to life, to see how Kim Kardashian’s personal and professional addiction to the spotlight, is the antithesis of Beyoncé’s attitude.

Kim got married to Kris Humphries in front of the cameras in a two part “Fairytale Wedding” special for E! . Beyoncé never publicly released photos of her wedding. Then when she gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy in New York City hospital, Lenox Hill, she and Jay-Z spent tens of thousands of dollars to keep the birth private.

“Bey thought Kim’s TV wedding was really tacky,” the Heat magazine source revealed. For all these reason, “don’t plan on seeing Kim and Beyoncé being buddy-buddy as she continues her thing with him,” says our exclusive source. “Allowing Kim Kardashian into the mix is only seen as a distraction.”

Sorry Kim – it looks like Beyoncé will not be turning up on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’!

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