Alive Music+Blaqbone Media/Records join forces to promote artists and music industry showcases

Alive Music is proud to announce the new alliance with Blaqbone Media/Records to further the opportunities of artists seeking to further their carears in the music industry. Artists such as Dretonio, Lee Jones, OD, K-Leb and many others….[break]

Mr Daniel Kobale of Alive Music Studios said “it’s a real pleasure and honour and I would like to thank Schwarz Bless’on of Blaqbone Media/Records for this opportunity to join forces and bring good things to those musicians who serve to deserve.”[break]

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BLAQBONE MEDIA INTERNATIONAL GROUP (BMIG). BLAQBONE MEDIA INTERNATIONAL GROUP (BMIG) formally known as Blaqbone Media Initiatives was set up in 2001 by three media entrepreneurs, then university undergraduates working in the media and music industry as executives, critics, presenters, disc jockeys (DJ), marketers and promoters. It was later re-branded as BLAQBONE MEDIA INTERNATIONAL GROUP due to their extensive travel, networks and presence across the globe and the merger of all of their individual projects and ventures. The management team boast of professional managers with MBA qualification, membership of Chartered Institute of Marketing, qualified IT technician, journalist, copywriter and broadcaster. Blaqbone Media International Group is a group of burgeoning music executives, broadcasters, recording artists, writers, producers, creative artistes, graphic and fashion designers who focus on creating networks with people, organisations and companies in the music, TV, arts and fashion industry for individuals looking for a breakthrough, to widen their existing network and/or to gain experience within the industry. The group is made of several business ventures that have come under one ‘umbrella’ to their mutual benefits by facilitating the exchange of goods and services. Services we provide include: Music Production, A&R, Events and Artists Management, Public Relations, Fashion and Image Consultancy, Advertising (outdoor, online, radio and TV), Broadcasting services, Social Media expertise, Online Marketing, Promotions, Marketing and Distribution. We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major international work, and everything in between.[break]

Ventures include: (S. Bless’On: Bsc (Hons), MBA, Senior Executive, Broadcast Journalist @ Radio Cardiff); ToonToom Records (Q. Ampofo: B.A. GIJ (Dip) – CEO, Copywriter, producer, Creative Head @ Multi Media Ltd, DJ @Joy FM / Hitz FM & DJ/Presenter @ BigBrother Africa); (Dretonio: Head of Talent, Singer, Songwriter, producer & co-founder @ and ), (G. Parris: B.A. Fashion Designing – CEO and Image Consultant & stylist at Blaqbone) and (N. Amarteifio: (Hons) – Founder/Director @ Moses Midas: Economics – Consultant and DJ @ Radio Cardiff.
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