5 small things that make a BIG difference!

The small details that you forget to pay attention to are actually what matters the most. It’s about putting in that little bit of extra effort. Amateurs make these mistakes, but you’re not an amateur you’re on top of your A game right?

1. Only Use the Social Networks that You Are Most Comfortable With – You need to have a presence on the most common social networks (facebook, twitter, soundcloud, youtube, and maybe reverbnation or bandcamp), however you do not have to utilize them all! Use the ones that you are most comfortable with – this will allow you to be more productive. If you tweet more than you’re on facebook (which I strongly suggest that you do), just link twitter and facebook so that your tweets show up on facebook. This way all of your networks will be up to date.

2. Complete Your Twitter Bio – Your bio is one the first things that people see on twitter, it is your opportunity to catch someone’s attention in the first few seconds, it can determine whether someone follows you or even pays you any mind, so why is it that so many artists leave this blank or write something like “the hottest rapper alive”…. obviously you’re not the hottest rapper alive because that rapper would have their shit together. You need to put your specialties (artist/songwriter/ etc) plus a link to your website and maybe even a contact email. Whatever you do don’t leave it blank and always make sure your bio makes you stand out in a good way.

3. Clean Up Your Followers – As an artist, the reason why you’re on twitter should be to network plus get personal with your fans, so you want to make sure that the people you follow are valid and can play an active part in your online experience. Why follow 1000 people when only half of them are following you back? At first glance it makes it look like you 1. don’t know how to properly promote yourself and 2. you’re a starving artist 3. you don’t know how to properly utilize twitter. Clean up your followers. Make your list relevant.

4. Do Not Spam – simple as that. A lot of you artists are sooooo dope, but you would never be able to tell by the way you promote yourself. Stop acting desperate and start being SMART. Don’t tweet random people the link to your music. Don’t post your music video on someone’s facebook page. You are doing more harm to your career than anything. Think smart and promote with a purpose. It’s more influential when someone else shares your music and says that you’re great than if you do it all day, so share your music with those that you know will take a listen and possibly share. As I said in one of my past articles “Aim for the target, don’t just shoot aimlessly and hope that you hit for the target”

5. Make Sure You Have an Email Signature with All Contact Info & Major Links – This happens way too often for my liking. Artists send me emails with absolutely no introduction (“yo I saw you on twitter so I decided to hit you up” is not an introduction) and then they have no contact information at the end. How is someone supposed to know who you are and be able to reach you? This is common sense right here. Don’t be in such a rush that you forget the little things.

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