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  • Gig Mentality – it’s an odd one

    SOCIAL CONDUCT AT GIGS IS AN ODD ONE. IT’S THE CROWD THAT MAKES A CONCERT. NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE ACT, IF THE CROWD IS DEAD, THE NIGHT DIES WITH IT. Imagine being in the Maccy D’s queue and suddenly deciding to aggressively haul your entire body weight into the person […]

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  • How not to take a DJ press shot

    How not to take a DJ press shot

    TUE 7TH MAY, 2013 BY KATIE CUNNINGHAM IN FEATURES Here at inthemix, we’ve seen our share of DJ promo shots: the good, the bad and the inexplicable. When heading off to their photo shoots, DJs are faced with some burning choices. Do I affect moodiness and risk ending up on the Depressed DJs tumblr? […]

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